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(Jennifer Ebeling)

Dec 16, 2016

Robin Parer is the author of The Plant Lover’s Guide to Hardy Geraniums. Robin is also the lovely owner of the Geraniaceae Nursery, located in Kentfield, California. Robin is a wonderfully knowledgeable plantswoman,  She is a generous teacher and a thoughtful spokeswoman for the geranium family - both hardy geraniums and pelargoniums (the later being the plant group most people incorrectly refer to as geraniums).  In fact, even after interviewing Robin, I still slip and refer to pelargoniums as geraniums! Robin explains the origins of taxonomy confusion for these plants. Undoubtedly, Robin understands this plant family better than almost anyone on this side of the globe.  I like to think of Robin as the modern day mother of the geranium family. In typical mom fashion, when it comes to hardy geraniums and pelargoniums, she loves them both the same. 





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