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Still Growing...
(Jennifer Ebeling)

Apr 16, 2017

I'm pretty sure I experienced a divine alignment the day I discovered Lynn Gendusa's column in the LaGrange Daily News.  I don't remember how exactly I found Lynn's column - Flipboard, Facebook, Pinterest, etc - it was not important. What stands out to me now, is how I felt reading her story about her dad's funeral. I only know that I felt like I was there beside her - signing along to the Tennessee Waltz and In the Garden. It was the essence of her story that stuck with me over Thanksgiving 2016.

After reading that particular piece, Lynn and I became friends on Facebook. The best part about this online friendship is that Lynn's column pops up in my newsfeed. I had the distinct pleasure of reading her Easter column a few days ago. Just like her Thanksgiving story, I was instantly taken with Lynn's story of self-awakening - it was an Easter hunt of sorts. Buried in the tasks of daily life, Lynn had become what she calls "A forgetful daughter". In the story, Lynn shares the legend of the Dogwood tree and her description of the tree she discovered on her walk is simply beautiful. I could not resist asking Lynn to read her Easter column on the show this week. It's just a little something special for Still Growing listeners. Happy Easter everyone.