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Still Growing...
(Jennifer Ebeling)

Apr 28, 2017

Have you been wanting to add edibles to your garden but feel you simply don’t have the space?  

Are you tired of having a cookie cutter property, but don't know what to add to bring excitement and a unique design esthetic to your landscape?

Over the years, I’ve naturally gravitated toward adding edibles into my own landscape - first with herbs, then with cold crops, and finally with a few of our favorite vegetables.  Additionally, I have many dear friends who love to harvest from my garden but also are quick to dismiss having a garden of their own due to “not having the perfect space”. 

But, what if "not having the perfect space" is just an excuse?  

What if the best way to add edibles into the landscape means leveraging what is right in front of your eyes? 

Entertain Brie Arthur's approach to Foodscaping - a delightful twist on the word landscaping - and you'll soon realize that a cutting EDGE garden is available to virtually everyone.  Foodscaping, that fresh perspective on the limitless potential found in the common suburban landscape, is the topic of my conversation with Brie Arthur - the writer behind a book I think every gardener should get a copy of this year: The Foodscape Revolution.  It's also a glimpse into Brie’s vision for folks wanting more from their property - turning landscapes into something more robust, rewarding, and sustainable: Foodscapes… and I believe it’s the future.





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