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Still Growing...
(Jennifer Ebeling)

Oct 27, 2017

In most parts of the country, winter is making an early entrance. In Minnesota, snow and sleet arrived four full days before Halloween. Snow events and freezing temperatures bring gardening to a hard stop. This week, we’re saying goodnight to our 2017 gardens and I’m sharing my final punch list to inspire your to have a fantastic finale in your garden. One of the best ways to set your 2018 Garden up for success is to make sure your final visits are strategic and productive. 

My Final Punch List for my 2017 Garden:

Take Pictures of the Garden - Capture the final days

It’s time to reflect on changes that we might make.  With fewer leaves and plant mass, it’s a great time to check to see If the garden looks a bit short on structure.

Make Your Christmas List

Things like Garden Gloves, Hand Tools, and Nursery Gift Certificates will be appreciated in the Spring. 

Gather Pots and Containers into One Area

It’s so much easier to see a container that doesn’t fit with your theme when you retire them in one spot.  Sore thumbs need to go. Consider getting an iron baker’s rack off of Craigslist for outdoor container storage. They work wonderfully.

Cleanup Beds

Once you’ve finished clearing and cutting back borders, it is a good time to evaluate your beds.  What was not life giving? What was a flop? What has outlived its welcome?  It’s much easier to say goodbye now with the discerning eyes of a fall gardener than with the enthusiastic eyes of a spring gardener.  Cut back iris to eliminate iris borer and cut back spring flowers (I’m talking to you, peony).

Net over water features

This is an ingenious way to proactively deal with falling autumn leaves and debris.  I can’t wait to gleefully remove it in the spring. Easy cleanup - wonderful hack!

Make some Bug Hotels ala cinnamon stick bundles   

Tie them with twine and tuck around the garden.  They’ll last for a few years.

Goodnight Herbs

Clean off the Trellis

Many climbers die back in autumn and you can remove plants now to make spring a snap.  Plus, you can see the trellis more clearly. Does it need some TLC?

Make Clean Paths a Priority

In addition to your beds, don’t forget to topdress your paths.  It's so cleansing to weed the pathways and sweep the patio.

Tidy up areas seen from windows or inside the house - decks, porches, etc.

Polyeurethane ironwork

Tidy Up Outdoor Tools

Create a Ready Houseplant Outdoors Vacation Spot

Evaluate Garden Furniture & Toss out broken bird baths, feeders, NOW

Wash and store Outdoor cushions and curtains now

Take a Final Garden Glove Inventory - Wash and Store the keepers

Position Birdfeeders and Situate a Heated Dog Dish for Water

Order seed catalogs

Call Contractors For First in Line Project Status for Spring

Go on a Farmers Market Buying Splurge

Shop for End of Year Seed Packet Bargains

Plant No-Fail Spring Bulbs

Allium (Allium Millenium is the 2018 Plant of the Year) and Daffodils

Line Display Birdbaths, Fountains or Large Containers with Fur

Fur is a great foundational layer for holiday arrangements.

Cozy Up Containers with Sweaters/Furs/Plaids

Create Indoor Succulent Bowls

Create Wow Terrariums - Fern and Jack + the Beanstalk

Prep Holiday and Spring Pots and Displays Now


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