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Nov 10, 2017

Katie Dubow is back on the show today and she’s sharing the 2018 Garden Trends Report released by Garden Media Group. It’s their 17th annual Garden Trends Report for 2018, Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness - nature is the best medicine!

“We already know gardening works wonders for our health,” says Garden Media Group founder Susie McCoy. “Now we’re looking at the ways people are transforming their gardens to further improve their mental and spiritual well-being.”

Being in public relations trends is really one of the keystones of the Garden Media Group.  Their approach to trends, is to look at what is happening globally with the consumer trends - not just what's happening in the gardening world.

For example, what they’ve seen in architecture and in-home buying was that people were moving outdoors.  Lately, the “bonus room” is becoming the patio or the deck.  Clearly, outdoor living is a big trend. By looking at what's happening in fashion, home, decor, and health, they can better anticipate how things are going to affect the consumer at the garden level.

With the exception of color, all the trends featured in the report are not necessarily what's going to be happening next week.  Trends are a long game. Consequently, the trends listed in the report show what's going to be happening 2 to 3 years from now.  

For garden professionals, paying attention to trends is important,  Getting ahead of the curve, means you can be a leader for your customers looking for new ideas in the gardening space.  Plus, today’s  customers are super savvy.  Like everyone else, they have access to the internet and they are becoming quick to adapt to new trends; making them even more eager to know what's hot and what's new.

In the past, Garden Media Group has talked about gardening for the soul and gardening for the body.  This year is an extension of those earlier predictions because they are looking at gardening is a mental escape to help achieve mental health and mental well-being. As a result, the seven trends for 2018, all relate back to mental wellness and helping gardeners relieve stress and mental fatigue.

As Katie likes to say, “The rising trend of wellness isn’t just about keeping the body healthy anymore; it’s about keeping the mind and spirit healthy, too.”

The 2018 Garden Trends Report highlights new ideas, new garden structures and new colors to help clear our mind and step away from the infinite connectivity that is wearing us out.  The central theme, ‘Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness,’ introduces seven trends that inspire a cleaner, more relaxed state-of-mind. It shows that when we disconnect from media and reconnect with Mother Nature, we can take positive steps toward rebuilding our mental wellness.


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The Garden News Roundup

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Timestamp: 35:45


I love how you kicked off your report. You said, “Wellness isn’t just about keeping the body healthy anymore, it’s about keeping the mind and spirit healthy too and nature is the best medicine.”

Timestamp 40:00


It’s one of the biggest goals of any parent to make sure their children get through middle school and high school with their self-confidence and self-esteem fully intact. 

Timestamp 42:15


I don’t think the average joe would associate mental health with gardening, unless you’re already a gardener, of course. It took me aback a bit that your report even mentioned wellness. 

Timestamp 43:25


How is the climate changing the way we’re gardening on a global level? 

Timestamp 45:40


What is the hottest color of the season? 

Timestamp 48:00:


You introduce 7 industry trends that inspire a cleaner and more relaxed mind. So, let’s begin by going through the 7 trends. 

Timestamp 49:50


What is eco-tones and how did they come up with that name? 

Timestamp 1:03:50


What does ‘Wabi Sabi’ mean?  

Timestamp 1:05:25


You talk about finding beauty in imperfect plants and I love this! It makes gardening so much more attainable. 

Timestamp 1:11:10


It is so on trend to having hanging plants in the home. The older generation seems to be a bit tired of it since they’ve already ‘lived through it’, though. 

Timestamp 1:15:15


Reusing storm-water runoff is also becoming very popular. 

Timestamp 1:20:45


The next trend talks about growing your own protein. There is a shift happening in the way people are eating. 

Timestamp 1:25:15


I love the title of your last trend, which is called Purple Reign. 

Timestamp 1:29:25


For this year, it was more obvious than most years that mental health/awareness is playing a big role in our society. 

Timestamp 1:32:50


How do you see this trend playing forward? Do you see these elements nature and health in general as just a trend? 

Timestamp 1:36:15


People can use #GardenTrends to help Katie spot new trends. 

Timestamp 1:37:30


Do you have a favorite trends report from previous years? 

Timestamp 1:40:00