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(Jennifer Ebeling)

Nov 23, 2017

Columnist Lynn Gendusa is back on the show today and she’s sharing a beautiful article she wrote last year for Thanksgiving and it’s called Thanksgiving in a Garden. This article is super special to me because it's the reason Lynn and I connected. In fact, I remember feeling so moved after reading Lynn’s article, I tracked her down and we started corresponding a bit online.
This year, Lynn was a guest on the show for the Easter Episode SG567: The Legend of the Dogwood Tree. Just like her Thanksgiving article, I was instantly taken with Lynn's story of self-awakening. An Easter hunt of sorts, Lynn had become what she calls "A Forgetful Daughter" as she became buried in the tasks of daily life. In the story, Lynn shares The Legend of the Dogwood Tree and her description of the tree that inspired her during a walk was simply beautiful.
Lynn’s weekly column in The LaGrange Daily News is a favorite of mine. Lynn always manages to craft stories that find their way into people’s hearts. She write about her love of family, sweet memories from her childhood, nostalgic perspectives on her experiences, and how God - through the natural world - is at work in her life.
Before Lynn started writing professionally, she worked as an interior designer for 43 years. A little over two years ago, Lynn was planning to retire… or so she thought - but her boss had other plans. After submitting a three-part story for her hometown newspaper - The LaGrange Daily News in LaGrange Georgia, she suddenly found herself writing a weekly column for her local paper every Thursday. Over two years have passed since that first story was published - and she never misses a deadline. 
Lynn often finds inspiration in the natural world. One of her most recent articles, Being thankful for falling leaves, inspired Lynn to consider love and loss as equal blessings.
In today’s episode, you’ll hear her talk about how she pulls her stories from closely observing and listening to the world around her.  Lynn has a knack for telling stories that tug at heart strings and give us a respite from the go-go-go of our days.  I always think gardeners have a soft spot for nostalgia and simplicity; Lynn’s writing offers both.
This isn’t an pure gardening episode, but I think it’s one gardeners will enjoy. In the States today, it is Thanksgiving. I can’t think of any guest better suited to have on my Thanksgiving show than Lynn Gendusa.  I think you’ll agree, she has a thankful heart.