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Still Growing...
(Jennifer Ebeling)

Jul 21, 2017

In today’s show, I’m continuing my three part series about the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling held in and around Washington DC. at the end of this past June. We will be reviewing Day 2 of the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling. On this day, we saw gardens in the suburbs of DC area, so we’ll be talking about the wonderful private gardens in areas like Bethesda, Arlington, Tyson’s Corner and Great Falls. Some of these gardens are from private homeowners with a passion for gardening, and others were the personal gardens created by professional designers We also stopped at Brookside Gardens, a park in Montgomery County. I’ll be joined by fellow garden bloggers:


Beth Billstrom (SG535) of More Than Oregano

Jen McGuinness (SG539 SG538 SG534) of Frau Zinnie AND

Tracy Blevins of Plants Map



More Than Oregano

Frau Zinnie

Plants Map


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The Garden News Roundup for July 21, 2017:



Weeds You Can Eat: Milkweed Buds - Gardenista



Guest Update

Cottage garden meets Zen garden: Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2017 | Digging

Southern Gothic garden of Jeff Minnich: Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling

Log slices, twig spheres, and other natural art in garden of Debbie Friedman: Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling | DiggingDigging



Pickling Peas


Continuing Ed

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Less is more...


How To/DIY

7 Tricks Professional Florists Use To Keep Cut Flowers Alive For Weeks | Rodale's Organic Life


Plant Spotlight

Picking PeasPurple Milkweed is Back! – gardeninacity

This Monarch Butterfly Was Not Ready For Its Closeup – gardeninacity

Gardening 101: Hardy Begonia

The Plants from the Fling


In the News

10 Old-Fashioned Plants and Flowers Grandma Always Grew in Her Garden

Weeds You Can Eat: Milkweed Buds - Gardenista


Dream Guest

A Garden Visit with John Boswell



Plants turn caterpillars into cannibals : Nature News & Comment



Give this clock a roll and it'll show you the time anywhere on Earth

7 Small Good-Looking Indoor Composting Bins for Your Kitchen



Blue Ridge Daylilies by Drone

What To Do if You Have Just a Little Bit of Outdoor Space

Der gait niks boovn Grunnen



Elderflower Fizz Recipe: From Garden to Glass - Gardenista

Cherry Salsa with Tequila and Cilantro



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The Garden News Roundup

Time Stamp 20:30


Guest Introductions

Time Stamp 37:35


The Garden of Barbara Katz

Time Stamp 47:15


The Garden of Debbie Friedman

Time Stamp 1:03:30


Brookside Gardens

Time Stamp: 1:13:05


The Garden of Jeff Minnich

Time Stamp: 1:20:30


The Garden of Scott Brinitzer

Time Stamp: 1:37:35


The Garden of Ellen Ash

Time Stamp: 1:55:25


The Garden of Peg Bier

Time Stamp: 2:07:50


Reflection: Touring private gardens vs. public gardens

Time Stamp: 2:18:50


How did each of today’s guests get started in gardening?

Time Stamp: 2:24:35


The guests talk about some of the upcoming events they have that you can look forward to and where you can find them on social media!

Time Stamp: 2:39:45